I have been interested in games for most of my life and have been making them since the 1950s.  Obviously not all of these were computer games!  I have, however, also been fascinated by computers for a long time, probably due to the many science fiction stories I read in my youth.  Even then I could visualise, in an abstract fashion, how a computer could manage a number of aspects in games that are traditionally fulfilled by shuffling a pack of cards or rolling a dice, as well as keeping track of player scores and who held what items.

In the 1960s I developed a board game based upon a simplified quest.  This was called Haunted Castle and included some of the elements found in modern adventure games.  Many years later I made a computer version of this game.

That was not, however, my first attempt at making a computer game.  When home computers became affordable in the 1980s,  I bought myself a Sinclair QL and an early commercial game for my son to play called ‘Lands of Havoc’. This featured mazes with monsters in, and inspired me to try my hand at making something similar, though I added some adventure elements that were lacking in the original.  I called it Once Upon A Time.

I reworked my old QL game into something more like a proper adventure game in 2003, using a program provided free by the Adventure Games Studio.  It was only moderately successful, but what I learned from making it allowed me to create a much better game with my next attempt: Adventure Island.  This boasted a spectrum of puzzles and a number of fully voiced characters to interact with.  It was an ambitious project that took me five years to complete.

Recent additions to my portfolio include The Clockwork Labyrinth (my first attempt at a full length, first person game), The Garden of Hades (made in collaboration with a friend in Italy), and The Sleeping Castle (based upon the Sleeping Beauty legend).

Most of the computer games that I have made are puzzle adventure games, though I have made some others.  All of my games are in the Adventure Games Studio database, and I have included a link to the entry for each game.


Once Upon A Time Adventure Island Clockwork Labyrinth Garden of Hades


Haunted Castle Gem Collector Sleeping Castle